A Book and a Bun

Tonight we kick off our 2018 musical extravaganza. Since last Christmas was the first time in almost fifteen years I saw a musical, I think seeing four of them in one year can be called an extravaganza!

We start with The Book of Mormon. In Danish. I’m so excited. One of the best parts of being back in Copenhagen is being able to go to the theatre again. Les Mis was wonderful in Danish, so I’m looking forward to see how they handle this one.

It’s also the night before Store Bededag – Big Prayer Day. It’s a Danish holiday dating back to 1686 when King Christian V consolidated a lot of minor prayers days. It means two great things. We get the day off work and since it falls on the fourth Friday after Easter it guarantees a long weekend. Since this is Denmark, there is something involving food. In this case, hveder.


Hveder are a delicious bun with a tiny hint of spices that we eat toasted the night before Store Bededag, tonight. Traditionally, bakeries were closed on the day so you had to buy something that would last. I don’t know why they then ate them the night before, but it’s tradition! And they’re delicious.

I’ve eaten these ever since I was a child. I still remember the very first time my mother brought them home and explained the tradition to me. We sat at our little round kitchen table (the same table that’s now in my summer house and that my parents are taking back so they can have it in their new apartment), drank tea and did the crossword puzzle.

That brings me to my final quote of this challenge. It’s from another favourite novel of mine, Tai-Pan by James Clavell.

The only thing that five thousand years of civilisation and experimentation had taught was safe and lasting and worthwhile. The family. 

When I read it, I always think of my own family. How much we have meant, and do mean, to each other. How we are there for each other, always ready to do battle for each other.

My family has helped me realise me dreams (writing and non-writing), given me a home when I needed one. I will be there for the next generations in just the same way. And make sure they eat their hveder on Store Bededag.

My last nominations will be:

Sara Butler Zalesky

Aspasía S. Bissas

Awkward Brown Guy

Rules of the Quote Challenge

1) Thank the person who nominated you

2) Write three consecutive quotes for three days (one quote per day)

3) Nominate three new bloggers each day for the challenge

Author: Eva O'Reilly

Writer, avid reader, large dog lover, cake baker and Francophile. Living in hope of finding either a literary agent or a large audience on Amazon.

4 thoughts on “A Book and a Bun

  1. My thoughts when seeing “The Book of Mormon” early, on Broadway: (1) this is horrible; (2) nobody outside New York City will sit still for this; (3) why do my friends love it? Oh, they are from NYC – see (2). Now it is a long-running hit, so we conclude “I will never be Satisfied.”

    Someone once blogged the Danish would not put cheese atop pastry cakes. I trust it’s true for delicious-looking hveder buns as well. Is not “Mormon” too cheesy to put it on a reputable stage in Copenhagen? 🙂

    I would not see it with my son.
    I would not see it with my mum.
    I am not a Book of Mormon fan.
    Let me see A. Ham again … again!

    Liked by 1 person

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