Next Stop … the Future

It’s that time of year again. No matter how long it’s been since I left school, I still find that familiar feeling of excitement bubbling up inside me towards the end of May/beginning of June. There’s that sense of a year coming to a close, of old endings and new beginnings. I do miss the long summer holidays. Those lazy days filled with so much, and yet so little. Going back to school in August a completely different person than the one who left in June. Long weeks filled with new books, new dreams, new passions.

Even though I still have six weeks to go until the bell sounds for the last time, I’m already looking forward to waving goodbye. I’m hoping for days filled with sunshine, fruits from the tree (or bush, I have gooseberries) that I can create exciting desserts with, and to go into the rest of the year with a new sense of purpose and a big burst of energy. I’m hoping to actually get some damn work done, writing wise, and perhaps figure out some kind of Twitter/Instagram routine. All in the interest of (please please please) selling more books.

summer reading

I think I’ve been beating myself up too much for getting out of my blogging and exercise routine. Emphasis on exercise routine. Instead of thinking about a blogging routine, I need to think of a writing routine. A writing routine should not be just about blogging, but also – mainly even – about writing. And promoting. There’s really no way out, I have to think of this as a business and use all the tools I can find to turn it into one. Otherwise I’ll never get beyond wistfully regretting the days when Amazon was actually useful to me.

That’s my plan for the summer.

Learning to … shudder … have a routine.

Is it autumn yet?

7 thoughts on “Next Stop … the Future

  1. I’ve always felt that the oppressiveness of a routine relates to its focus. Getting up, driving to work, dealing with office politics, struggling through the bureaucratic elements of my role – that gets tiring – the creative and leadership aspects of my job never do. I’ve never had to think of my writing through a commercial or professional lens – which is probably why the routine of reading and writing about what I’ve read has become such a joy. If my livelihood was dependent upon my daily writing – I might feel differently. Still – I can’t escape the suspicion – had I the talent to do so – that a life of writing for profit and the pleasure of others – might amount to a bearable routine. I truly enjoy your posts. Sincere thank for sharing your thoughts and your words. Best, Brian

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    1. Thank you 🙂
      I’m like you – I don’t do the mundane routines well. But I think as an indie author you have to do the things that might seem a little less inspiring, and those are the ones I have a hard time with. But I know they’re effective, so I’d better get going!

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