The Road Not Travelled

I thought a lot today about the roads we take and, as a consequence, the ones we have to pass with no more than a glance. Because sometimes we get a chance to walk a little way down such a road, and glimpse a life we might have had. Even though we’re happy with the life we’ve chosen, even though we wouldn’t change it, seeing another path can still hurt. It’s a hard little pain deep inside your chest, confined behind the walls of your heart because it must be hidden away and never acknowledged. If you tell someone it hurts, they will never believe that you don’t regret.

The passion that has to stay a hobby.

The person you could so easily love.

The places you will never live.

The adventures you will never have.

Sometimes it seems so unfair that you only get one life. I don’t mean reincarnation, because with that you have to start over and still only get to do one thing at once. I mean it would be wonderful to be able to split yourself into different parts so you can pursue each passion and never have to choose.

Then I could be:

A full-time writer (one of the other personalities can pay the bills)

A business woman

A baker

Some kind of coach/therapist/not quite sure but along those lines

A bookshop owner

But every choice we make, every thing we choose to prioritise over another, helps to make us who we are. As writers, we take all those untravelled roads and file them away in our imagination, waiting for them to turn into stories.

Author: Eva O'Reilly

Writer, avid reader, large dog lover, cake baker and Francophile. Living in hope of finding either a literary agent or a large audience on Amazon.

8 thoughts on “The Road Not Travelled

  1. Eva, I’ve been pondering your post all afternoon. I appreciate your candor. It started me thinking about my path, or lack of path. I started here as a release for writing, but feel more type cast. I’m not certain of my art, right now. I have started a thread I feel a need to complete. I may try and focus on writing again. In the meantime, a thought for both of us, really find joy in our tasks. Dream with direction. I know you have been actively doing this. But it has to work! If you feel joy, you have already won. Oh! I’ve been adding bits to my book, too.

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