Life Lesson From My Neighbour’s Dog

I’m so jealous of one of my neighbours. Not because they had the money to buy and I have to rent, not because they have a garden and I have a balcony, or because they have a bigger apartment than me. No. Because they have a dog. The most adorable black Labrador who was eight weeks old when I first met him last month. Every time I see him running around their little garden, my heart twists.

Those of us who rent are not allowed dogs. Even if we were, we are away so much during the day it would not be fair to a dog. My mother says I’ll have to wait till I retire to get a dog. I can’t possibly do that, can’t possibly wait thirty years to live the life I want.

Besides, it’s a dangerous way to think.

One day when I’ve retired/won the lottery/lost ten pounds/found a job I really love (circle whichever is appropriate) then I’ll be happy. 

I don’t believe in inspirational quotes. I don’t believe in hanging cat posters (hello, dog person!) or creating inspiration screen savers that pop up each time you take your fingers off the keys.

I believe you have to ask yourself: what is the life I want?

Once you’ve answered that: what am I going to do to get it?

That dog is a wonderful reminder. There’s something I want from life, so every day I should be taking steps to ensure I can have it. Maybe it’s something totally unrelated, like “get finances under control.” Then I can move somewhere that does allow pets and hire a dog-walker to come in once a day from Monday – Friday. Or be like S. and move close to my future dog’s family so they can babysit every day.

Choose your priorities. Know what you want.

And then go and do it.

motivational dog poster

2 thoughts on “Life Lesson From My Neighbour’s Dog

  1. There is no day so challenging that I don’t smile, laugh, get down on my knees and play upon walking up to my front door and finding Daisy and Butterscotch waiting for me to return home. My wife leaves the door open every day – just the glass storm door in place – so that they’re the first thing I see when I pull into the driveway. It’s great to always be welcomed home by two critters who missed you that much – magic in a mundane world. Cheers, Brian

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