January Detox

I am not a New Year’s Resolution type of person. I have strong issues with the idea that you can turn your life around just because you hit an arbitrary point on the calendar. Ever since my trip to Torvehallerne this weekend I’ve been restless. Scrap that, more restless than I already was. Restless in… Read More

Feeling Analogue in a Digital World

There are some days when I really need a break from the digital. Yes, I appreciate the irony of writing that on a computer and then sending it out to be viewed by strangers on the Internet. But some days I just want to turn my back on the whole thing. I don’t want to… Read More

9 People, 4 Dogs and My Grandmother’s Chocolate Cake

This is the cake my grandmother would bake for me anytime I needed to bring something to school. My friends were nuts about it, so when I went to university I took the recipe with me so I could wow all my new friends with it. I followed the recipe to the letter and it… Read More

Writer, Baker, Candlestick-Maker

This afternoon I went to one of my all-time favourite places. The first time I came here, I was still living in Jutland and working for LEGO, but the moment I walked through the doors I knew my days in Jutland were numbered. I had to go home to Copenhagen just so I could be… Read More

A Walk, a Talk, a Liquorice Thief

Getting liberated from spending 45 minutes every early morning and late afternoon staring at the brake lights of the car in front of me is definitely a bonus feature of the new apartment. I love driving. I just hate traffic. These days I take the train with my son. It’s the part of my morning… Read More

Thursday is Cake Day

Thursday is Cake Day in the cafeteria. It’s also Vegetarian Day or all-other-foods-suck day. Nothing against vegetarians, some (okay one) of my best friends is vegetarian, but in our cafeteria vegetarian food seems large to consist of kidney beans and/or curry. Big pass on both of those. You should have seen my reaction when a… Read More

The Routine-Haters Routine Part II

This morning I went to school with my son. They’d invited the parents to a meeting to explain the IB assessment criteria. Report cards are coming out and apparently the grading system is complicated and too many damn pages for any man to understand … there go those Hamilton lyrics again. At least they provided good… Read More

Monday Writing Realisation

I’ve never been one of those people for whom Monday morning looms like some mythical monster at the end of the weekend. I’m not saying I’m someone who welcomes it with open arms, apart from that brief period in 2009. Back then Monday mornings meant getting out of the tiny apartment I shared with my… Read More

Lazy January Lemon Moon Cake

I adore winter. And I wish this Danish winter would kick itself into gear and get going. We haven’t had a real winter here since 2012 – 2013. I want to build snowmen, throw snowballs and go flying down a hill in the park at top speed. I want to see the harbour freeze in… Read More