Walking in the Late Afternoon

There’s a special glow to the late afternoon light, when the day begins to fade away. It’s as though, after all those hours, the day needs to sit down with a cup of tea and put its feet up. You can almost feel it relaxing as it winds down towards night. It will soon be… Read More

The Downside to Studying Literature

Actually I didn’t want my English degree. I wanted to study French and Philosophy. Once my mother had finished laughing, she told me I was being ridiculous. If I wanted to be a writer in English, I should study English literature. I guess she was right. I went off to do a BA in English… Read More

One Last Time

Every last night here is always tinged with melancholy. When I think that tomorrow no one will light candles in the living room, no one will watch the sun complete its daily journey through the rooms, I feel so much sadness well up inside me. If a genie popped out of the spout as I… Read More

My Lego Yoda Life Lesson

Today is my mother’s birthday so my kitchen table is now awash with meringues. That’s definitely a recipe I promise to share soon. I was whisking egg whites and looking out into the garden where not a trace of yesterday’s snow now remains. I wish the weather would make up its mind. It got me… Read More

Writing By Hand

There’s something magical about writing by hand. The gentle slope of your writing as the words form beneath your hand, the indelible mark of your thoughts on the page. A screen cannot equal that. You cannot crumple the screen up in frustration and hurl it across the room, you cannot tear it up in impotent… Read More

Mint, Muffins and Memories

My onslaught on the garden continued today. The February sun shone down from a cloudless sky and for a moment as I hacked and slashed, I almost felt warm. The world awakens again as spring approaches. The days get longer, the sun shines brighter, and everywhere you look you see little signs that the winter… Read More

Life With Lemon Balm

The days are getting longer. It seems like only yesterday it would already be dark by now, candles lit in every window as I made my home through the cold afternoon. Now the sun is still visible behind the trees, an orange ball lighting up the fields. I’ve been in the garden today, getting it… Read More

Cookies in the Langeland Snow

All morning I watched as the wind whipped the snow across the fields. The skies were grey as the soft white flakes continued to fall. Sadly all hopes of building a snowman were dashed around lunchtime. Snow is so ephemeral. I love this little island, this long stretch of land off the coast of Funen. When I… Read More