Let it Snow!

I’ve spent a lot of this afternoon staring out of the window, hoping the few pathetic flakes in the air would soon become a flurry that would coat the ground in soft white snow. It should snow in December. It should be crisp and cold and the snow should reflect the light from the stars… Read More

Return to 8th Grade

Yesterday morning I drove through the rainy streets of Copenhagen to give a career/education talk for Mentor International. I shared the story of how my education has absolutely nothing to do with my career, trying to reassure the kids in front of me that whatever educational choices they make right now do not tie them… Read More

It’s Hard to Say Goodbye When You Won’t Leave

For the past week or so I’ve been thinking that it might be time for me to break up with my Angry Mad Scientist. Or if not break up, at least I should start seeing other people. The beauty of my early relationship with AMS (which is really Amazon Marketing Services, not Angry Mad Scientist)… Read More

A Deadline Met

Earlier this week, I promised myself that I would finally finish the final final second draft of Chocolates On My Pillow. (Final final because the first third of the manuscript is on its sixth/seventh/I’ve-lost-count draft, but the remaining two thirds were really lagging behind.) But back to my story … Yesterday morning I woke up… Read More

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

There’s something so magical about 1 December. The advent calendars are opened for the first time, the advent candle is lit. Woven hearts appear in the windows and biscuit tins decorated with little Christmas elves get taken out of cupboards. Yes, I love Christmas. This morning I was an hour early for my meeting at… Read More

It’s the Final Countdown!

I’ve come to a momentous decision. By the end of this week (that’s Sunday at 11.59p.m. because the week begins on Monday) I will finish the second draft of Chocolates on My Pillow. About two years after I had planned to finish and publish the actual novel. Pathetic. Actually for the first third of the… Read More

Back on the Barricade

From I was 14 till I was almost 18, I lived and breathed musicals. Every day I sang, I danced/pranced around my room, I waved an umbrella over my head like a musket with a French flag wrapped around my waist. It was my life, my passion, my love. But time moved on. For the… Read More

Life Behind the Barricade

This afternoon I spoke about e-commerce to a room filled with 25 – 30 people. And I loved it. I could only have been more passionate if I’d been speaking about why I love writing. It reminded me how important it is to bring passion to everything we do – or at least to everything… Read More

The Entrepreneur Route

Why was it that I chose to go down the author entrepreneur route? I had a lot of good arguments at the time. It was something about not being dependent on catching an agent on the right day in the right mood. Something about not having to send endless pitches and wait till one came… Read More

A Million Other Things

Being a writer should be so easy. After all, we’re all tied to our keyboards 24/7, so what’s a little detour into fiction? Is anyone going to notice that you duck away from the spread sheets and into something you actually find exciting? Well, yes. Unfortunately, people at the office will start to wonder what’s… Read More