The Cake in the Sword

Today is World Book Day. My son’s school celebrated by encouraging everyone to bring a dish inspired by a book. Naturally we had to make cake.

For Christmas some old friends came him Magnus Chase and the Hammer of Thor by Rick Riordan. He laughed, he loved it. When he loves a book, I’m ecstatic. Apparently there’s a rather irreverent sword in the book. His name is Jack and he goes on dates with talking axes. Or something like that.

One chocolate cake later … et voilà!


Actually the blade broke when I lifted it onto the sheet. Which in my mind makes it more Narsil than Jack. My son hasn’t got to Lord of the Rings yet. I told him he has to read the whole thing at least once. After that it’s okay to go “cool stuff happens … elf song (skip skip skip) … more stuff happens … more elf songs (skip skip skip) … Sam and Frodo in Mordor (skip skip skip) …

Maybe that can be the next cake project…


The Ph.D. and the Piping Bag

This afternoon I made the brownie muffins. Another fantastic recipe from Maja Vase. My son was so impressed he pretended to faint from an excess of chocolatey goodness. (But FYI, in a fan-assisted oven, 20 minutes is enough. At least in a decent fan-assisted oven. In that piece of **** my parents have, an hour is probably closer to the mark.)

Then it was time for the frosting. Another hit. Especially in my beloved Kitchen Aid.

But then came the piping bag.

What is up with those!

I have never yet found a piping bag that didn’t require a Ph.D. in engineering in order to put it together. Every time I try, it reminds me of the day a shop assistant showed me how to turn a pram into a push chair.

I wish they would give better instructions that just “put nozzle into big piece and big piece into small piece.” IKEA can provide drawings so that you can put a kitchen together in an afternoon, why is that so hard for other companies?

Brownie muffinsOr maybe I should have spent the extra money and got a decent piping bag. Because I swear that thing just will not assemble. Even with a Ph.D. Although nineteenth century French history won’t help me much against 3 pieces of pink plastic and one big white bag.
If I want to conquer the glamorous world of frosting, I’d better get another bag.

But now I’ve learned how to make chocolate frosting.

It’s been a good afternoon.