Passion Check With Muffins on the Side

Coconut and raspberry, to be precise. This morning I was thinking about passion. I was also thinking about how much my shoulders ached from yesterday and precisely where in the recycling plant I should put the gas bottle. It’s been almost six months since I got thrown back into the maelstrom that is a writer’s… Read More

Why We Need the Villain

My son and I have dived back into Zumbo’s Just Desserts on Netflix. We’re addicted to anything to do with cakes and baking at the moment. Although we’re enjoying the creations, there’s one contestant on there we really cannot stand, and last night we analysing why he (it’s one of the men – giving that… Read More

60 Flights of Stairs and a Sand Cake

I’m utterly exhausted, but in a good way. This morning I spent two and a half hours going up and down stairs, ringing doorbells and asking people to donate to the Danish Cancer Research Society. Yes, the same society I’m donating all my book proceeds to this month. It was very heartwarming to meet so… Read More

A Writer’s Easter Baking Process

I accomplished a goal this Easter – I baked something Easter-themed. Usually at this time of year I look at what everyone else is doing on Pinterest and then resign myself in silent despair to never being as good. Now, however, since my son and I have powered through Nailed It! and Zumbo’s Just Desserts… Read More

Maundy Thursday Magic

Snow was falling when I woke up this morning. My son has a friend staying for a few days, and I had planned to send them out into the garden to hunt for Easter eggs. Or at least little mini Lion Bars. That fell apart once everything was covered in white. Not fun snow, but… Read More

Thomas Jefferson LEGO Cake

I love mornings in this house. They’re so peaceful, there’s no sense of urgency. I can just lie in my warm bed (maybe scuttle out to the kitchen to make a quick cup of tea) and read my book. Nothing compels me to get up. I don’t have to worry about cleaning, laundry or all… Read More

Epic Cupcake Fail

There are mornings when you don’t want to wake up. When the dream is so perfect it grabs hold of you and you never want to let it go. Long after you’re awake, the memory of it returns to light your face with a quiet smile. You feel again the sensations, the emotions that haunted… Read More

The Saxophone in the Supermarket

Saturday mornings are quiet little havens in the midst of hectic weeks. When I wake up before my son, I know I have at least an hour or two to do what I love most: write. I make myself a latte from my beloved Nespresso machine, I look across the water, and I write. This… Read More