Life Lesson From My Neighbour’s Dog

I’m so jealous of one of my neighbours. Not because they had the money to buy and I have to rent, not because they have a garden and I have a balcony, or because they have a bigger apartment than me. No. Because they have a dog. The most adorable black Labrador who was eight… Read More

Please Don’t Empower Me

This started off as an extremely angry post. Fortunately I was saved from the mistake publishing it would have been by my son, who asked me if he could go and sit by the water for a while. Since it was such a lovely evening, I suggested we go for a walk together instead and… Read More

On the Importance of Spoons

I was in a meeting today, one of those long affairs where freshments get brought in. I was sitting at the far end of the room, really hoping for a trolley with pastries and coffee to arrive. Even the odd piece of fruit would have been okay. The moment came … The door opened …… Read More

A Walk, a Talk, a Liquorice Thief

Getting liberated from spending 45 minutes every early morning and late afternoon staring at the brake lights of the car in front of me is definitely a bonus feature of the new apartment. I love driving. I just hate traffic. These days I take the train with my son. It’s the part of my morning… Read More

Thursday is Cake Day

Thursday is Cake Day in the cafeteria. It’s also Vegetarian Day or all-other-foods-suck day. Nothing against vegetarians, some (okay one) of my best friends is vegetarian, but in our cafeteria vegetarian food seems large to consist of kidney beans and/or curry. Big pass on both of those. You should have seen my reaction when a… Read More

Kitchen Days

When I was born my parents had a business designing (my mother) and building (my father) kitchens. They used to bring me with them from farmhouse to farmhouse. I would lie in my Moses basket while they took measurements and built new cupboards and farmer’s wives in starched aprons would make goo goo noises at… Read More

Waking into the Sunrise

There is magic in the dark mornings. The magic of a blank page, of something waiting to unfold. These days I walk to work as the run rises and I walk home as it sets. (Obviously I don’t do that during the summer months or I’d be at work nineteen hours. I don’t think even… Read More

Return of the Nerd Girl

This afternoon my son and I went to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi (no spoilers, I promise). Just … oh my god. Best movie ever. That was our reaction when we left, open-mouthed, and with sore hands from all the clapping. The pre-movie light show set the tone and it was incredible from start… Read More

How Young is Too Young For a Midlife Crisis?

It’s my birthday in a few days. I’m entering the last year of my thirties. That doesn’t bother me. Just like turning thirty didn’t bother me. Next year won’t find me weeping and rending my garments as I enter a new decade. But something is nagging me. Something pinches at the back of my mind.… Read More

IT Didn’t Just Happen Like That?

Warning : spoiler alert And a disclaimer – I am not someone who believes in gender quotas or remaking classic movies with all female casts. This is just something that annoyed me in a movie I had really been looking forward to. I’ve seen the new IT movie now. With the same amazing friend I… Read More