Memories We Will Miss in a Digital World

I spent most of this morning in the attic above the garage. It’s a true testament to how much I love my parents that I actually went up there to clear the space for them, because if there are two things I really really do not like it’s ladders and heights. Later we moved down to… Read More

Why I’m Joining #DeleteFacebook

I remember the day it felt like my world began to crumble. It was such a beautiful day. The sun was shining, the air was warm, all around me people were laughing and enjoying the summer. My son and I were in Tivoli Gardens. Every so often I looked at the time, watching my watch… Read More

Life Lessons From Books – Part One

I’m re-reading my favourite Terry Pratchett, Night Watch. Fortunately I’ve been working from home today so I could sneak in a few reading breaks. It got me thinking about my favourite books, and why they’re my favourites. It’s not just for the great story, the entertaining read, the chance to disappear into another world. It’s… Read More

Take a Writing Break

Remember the advice your parents, teachers, professors gave you when it came to writing something important? Leave it alone for a while. Then come back to it with fresh eyes.  I decided to take that advice out of the drawer, dust it off and see if it still worked. I’ve left my short story alone… Read More

First (Snow)Day of Spring

This morning it was strangely light when I awoke. Although the dark mornings of winter have passed and I now wake up to the light, there was definitely something unusual about it all. Yesterday was the first day that really felt like spring, so I thought perhaps the sun had come bursting out with a… Read More

When You Employ a Writer

Today I had a discussion with someone about my I-don’t-want-to-be-an-IT-project-manager crisis. She looked at the information I presented her with and told me she could see the danger for me. She also told me I need to decide which path I want to take. Right now. Like right now, before it’s too late. She asked… Read More

The Saxophone in the Supermarket

Saturday mornings are quiet little havens in the midst of hectic weeks. When I wake up before my son, I know I have at least an hour or two to do what I love most: write. I make myself a latte from my beloved Nespresso machine, I look across the water, and I write. This… Read More

In the Eye of a Hurricane

There are days you want to press between the pages of your life and preserve like wild flowers. There are days that change your life forever, shape the person you will be from every other day forward. There are days you wish would never end. Then there are days you want to watch burn down… Read More

Beware the Ides of March, Sister

I had a sister once, Janne. Or someone I called my sister. She was my mother’s best friend, younger than her and older than me. Like the big sister I never wanted but somehow got anyway. She died very suddenly three years ago, but today would have been her birthday. On this day, I used… Read More