Life Lesson From My Neighbour’s Dog

I’m so jealous of one of my neighbours. Not because they had the money to buy and I have to rent, not because they have a garden and I have a balcony, or because they have a bigger apartment than me. No. Because they have a dog. The most adorable black Labrador who was eight… Read More

Project Management for Writers

The problem with being a writer – one of the problems with being a writer – is that you spend an inordinate amount of time on a single project. Think of it like being something akin to an IT Project Manager. In and out, all day every day, scope creep, everything working great in QA… Read More

Next Stop … the Future

It’s that time of year again. No matter how long it’s been since I left school, I still find that familiar feeling of excitement bubbling up inside me towards the end of May/beginning of June. There’s that sense of a year coming to a close, of old endings and new beginnings. I do miss the… Read More

Musings on Gratitude

I never knew gratitude had the power to bring my soul to its knees. But, as I discovered this week, more precisely Wednesday afternoon at 4.30 pm, it does. That was when my father called, unexpectedly, to tell me that the hospital had called him, unexpectedly. And then he said those three little words that… Read More

A Book and a Bun

Tonight we kick off our 2018 musical extravaganza. Since last Christmas was the first time in almost fifteen years I saw a musical, I think seeing four of them in one year can be called an extravaganza! We start with The Book of Mormon. In Danish. I’m so excited. One of the best parts of… Read More

Why Do You Write Like You Need it to Survive?

I can feel an urge building up inside me. It’s a twitching in my fingers, an excited feeling in the pit of my stomach. It’s a need to open a new notebook, choose my brightest, most sparkling pen, and begin a new story. Sitting here now I can feel my hand stretching out, almost of… Read More

Three Days, Three Quotes (Day 1)

I’m very excited! I’ve been nominated for a WordPress Challenge for the very first time. I guess it means that my little blog is getting out there. And it’s something dear to my heart – quotes! For three consequetive days I have to find a quote and nominate three more bloggers. Hmmm … this is… Read More

Memories We Will Miss in a Digital World

I spent most of this morning in the attic above the garage. It’s a true testament to how much I love my parents that I actually went up there to clear the space for them, because if there are two things I really¬†really do not like it’s ladders and heights. Later we moved down to… Read More