Learning to Love My New-Build

Something great happened this weekend. I really started to love my apartment. This is big for me. I like it – even though the American kitchen is not my ideal set-up – but I’ve never really loved it. It’s so modern and I’m an historian who’d much rather live in something from 1820 than 2018.… Read More

60 Flights of Stairs and a Sand Cake

I’m utterly exhausted, but in a good way. This morning I spent two and a half hours going up and down stairs, ringing doorbells and asking people to donate to the Danish Cancer Research Society. Yes, the same society I’m donating all my book proceeds to this month. It was very heartwarming to meet so… Read More

Super Saturday

This has been one of those Saturdays where I’ve relaxed enough for an entire weekend. I’ve laughed, planned, decorated, walked, read, written and completely geeked out. Now I’m blogging while watching Back to the Future II. If it gets better than this I don’t see it. The day started in IKEA. Aside from my house… Read More

Readers Are a Writer’s Best Friend

Today was an amazing day. Sales were ticking in, Chocolates in the Ocean is being read. While it always make me happy to see it, it means extra much this month. As you might have seen, I am donating everything I make from it this month to the Danish Cancer Research Society. However much more… Read More

Life Lessons From Books – Part One

I’m re-reading my favourite Terry Pratchett, Night Watch. Fortunately I’ve been working from home today so I could sneak in a few reading breaks. It got me thinking about my favourite books, and why they’re my favourites. It’s not just for the great story, the entertaining read, the chance to disappear into another world. It’s… Read More

In the Eye of a Hurricane

There are days you want to press between the pages of your life and preserve like wild flowers. There are days that change your life forever, shape the person you will be from every other day forward. There are days you wish would never end. Then there are days you want to watch burn down… Read More

Why Be a Writer?

Why exactly is it that some of us are crazy enough to devote our lives to typing out other people’s stories deep into the far hours of the night? When does the lightening bolt strike that says, ‘Yes! This is what I want to do with my life.’ We could go off and become doctors,… Read More

When People Don’t Read

Snow is falling again. Sadly the temperature is rising and the harbour is melting, so there will be no snowmen this weekend, no squealing with delight as we barrel down a hill on my son’s old toboggan. But there will be hot chocolate and lemon meringue pie. Tomorrow would have been my grandmother’s ninety-third birthday.… Read More

Reading to Our Children

I started reading to my son almost as soon as he was born. He had his ritual of bedtime stories, his favourite little books that accompanied us to every doctor’s visit, every boring waiting room, every administrative Spanish office where you might as well pitch a tent while you wait for something to happen. As… Read More