An Autumn Author

There’s something so enchanting about the autumn. The morning mist, the leaves changing colour, the crisp scent in the air … the time for boots, scarves and candles. The most wonderful time to curl up with a good book and a cup of tea. To read or to write. I love the autumn. Some of my… Read More

IT Didn’t Just Happen Like That?

Warning : spoiler alert And a disclaimer – I am not someone who believes in gender quotas or remaking classic movies with all female casts. This is just something that annoyed me in a movie I had really been looking forward to. I’ve seen the new IT movie now. With the same amazing friend I… Read More

When Outlander Was Cross Stitch Part II

A while ago I talked about how much my mother has always loved Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. Last week we were talking about old times and good books before bed and I asked her lend me the book. I remember trying to read it as a teenager and not getting into it at all. Perhaps… Read More

Summer Holiday

One thing I do miss since I got to the point where I can call myself an adult with a mortgage and a drawer full of bills, is the long summer holiday. Those seven – eight weeks of no schedules, no responsibilities, nowhere to be and nothing to do. Those few weeks were often enough… Read More

When Outlander Was Cross Stitch

Many years ago my mother bought a book in an airport. I can’t remember exactly when it was, but I seem to recall it being one of those times when a flight was delayed for three hours. For years, she tried to get me interested in reading this book. It was called Cross Stitch by Diana… Read More

The Beatles, Amazon, Disruption

When I was twelve my parents thought it would be good to move to the country. As a consequence of that, I started spending most Saturday mornings in the local library. Meanwhile, my parents braved the usual hungry hordes in the supermarket opposite to stock up on food for the week. After weeks of skirting around it, I decided to… Read More

The Cake in the Sword

Today is World Book Day. My son’s school celebrated by encouraging everyone to bring a dish inspired by a book. Naturally we had to make cake. For Christmas some old friends came him Magnus Chase and the Hammer of Thor by Rick Riordan. He laughed, he loved it. When he loves a book, I’m ecstatic.… Read More