Reignite Your Passion – Step Two

They say that if you’ve done something once, you can do it again. If you can remember how it felt, you can recapture the state you were in. Every time I go to a job interview I remember how great it feels to walk into that room and just nail it. Yes, it can be… Read More

Reignite Your Passion – Step One

Our greatest days are the ones when we feel like we have wings. When the fuel of our passions ignites our world and we need neither food nor rest because we’re running on pure joy. Do you know those days? Those days are my favourites. I get up even earlier than usual, stay up late… Read More

Passion Check With Muffins on the Side

Coconut and raspberry, to be precise. This morning I was thinking about passion. I was also thinking about how much my shoulders ached from yesterday and precisely where in the recycling plant I should put the gas bottle. It’s been almost six months since I got thrown back into the maelstrom that is a writer’s… Read More

Memories We Will Miss in a Digital World

I spent most of this morning in the attic above the garage. It’s a true testament to how much I love my parents that I actually went up there to clear the space for them, because if there are two things I really really do not like it’s ladders and heights. Later we moved down to… Read More

Be Happy, Join a Cult

I’ve been at a conference in Sweden all day. Half-way across the sea I realised that I had forgotten my phone. I had somehow also convinced myself that it was taking place at a hotel I’d been to before with the company hosting the conference, so I walked in there at 8.40 ready to rock… Read More

When Writing Stops You From Writing

Disappearing into that place of perfect inspiration is a rare treat for me these days. That place where words flow like water, where ideas spill from the my keyboard like stardust. The ideas are alive in my head, they’re pounding in my heart, but they’re not getting onto the paper. Something is getting in the… Read More

Why We Need the Villain

My son and I have dived back into Zumbo’s Just Desserts on Netflix. We’re addicted to anything to do with cakes and baking at the moment. Although we’re enjoying the creations, there’s one contestant on there we really cannot stand, and last night we analysing why he (it’s one of the men – giving that… Read More