Feeling Analogue in a Digital World

There are some days when I really need a break from the digital. Yes, I appreciate the irony of writing that on a computer and then sending it out to be viewed by strangers on the Internet. But some days I just want to turn my back on the whole thing. I don’t want to… Read More

Writer, Baker, Candlestick-Maker

This afternoon I went to one of my all-time favourite places. The first time I came here, I was still living in Jutland and working for LEGO, but the moment I walked through the doors I knew my days in Jutland were numbered. I had to go home to Copenhagen just so I could be… Read More

The Routine-Haters Routine Part II

This morning I went to school with my son. They’d invited the parents to a meeting to explain the IB assessment criteria. Report cards are coming out and apparently the grading system is complicated and too many damn pages for any man to understand … there go those Hamilton lyrics again. At least they provided good… Read More

Monday Writing Realisation

I’ve never been one of those people for whom Monday morning looms like some mythical monster at the end of the weekend. I’m not saying I’m someone who welcomes it with open arms, apart from that brief period in 2009. Back then Monday mornings meant getting out of the tiny apartment I shared with my… Read More

Waking into the Sunrise

There is magic in the dark mornings. The magic of a blank page, of something waiting to unfold. These days I walk to work as the run rises and I walk home as it sets. (Obviously I don’t do that during the summer months or I’d be at work nineteen hours. I don’t think even… Read More

2018 Lessons for Writers

Already? The year is only a week old! Feels a little like when they’re hyping something as the Movie/Album of the Year and its only January. But a week has been long enough to get back into a routine. It’s been long enough to realise that it’s a lot easier to be an author entrepreneur… Read More

Just Give Up Already!

Don’t think I’ve haven’t considered it. My book sales have tanked. Even though you can currently get the Kindle version of Chocolates in the Ocean for $0.99 in a Kindle Countdown Deal no one knows it because Amazon don’t show my ads anymore. Remind me again why I’m doing this author entrepreneur thing. Oh yeah, something… Read More

Boys – Better in Books

You never forget your first love. You never forget your greatest love. You never forget your fictional loves and if you’re a romantic who reads, then I guarantee you’ve had at least one. Come on, admit it. You know you want to. The two that still tug at my heart when I see or read… Read More

Through My Younger Eyes

Yesterday someone liked one of my photos on Instagram. Actually several people did, it was a good day, Instagram-wise. As I always do, I went to each person to see who they are and what it was about my photo that they found enticing enough to make them tap their screens. But this one girl… Read More


I wrote this post last year, but I woke up this morning knowing it was a brand new year and that one very important thing needed to change. My relationship with Amazon. Because right now this feels like a relationship gone bad – I’m doing everything they wanted and they still won’t tell me what… Read More