Chocolates in the Ocean

Wouldn’t it be lovely to shut out the cold winter days, curl up with a book and escape to a tranquil island in the happiest country on earth.

Sounds good?

Yeah. I’ll have some of that.

But even tranquil islands can be filled with upheaval. Let’s meet Anne.

She in one of those complicated on-again/off-again relationships. Going on thirteen years now. Every time he’s promised it would be different. Every time she’s wanted to believe him. And every time she’s told herself that now it’s over!

Then one day she finds out, quite by chance, that’s he’s actually marrying someone else. At that point, there’s nothing to do but run. Run far away and start over some place where nothing or no one will ever remind her of him.

But if things were that simple, this would all have ended years ago. The night before she moves, the night before his wedding, he shows up at her apartment. A few weeks later, just as she’s slowly getting her new life on the island together, she realises that she is pregnant.

The first big question: should she keep it?

The second big question: if she does, should she tell him? Would it make a difference or would it just be same old same old with a baby in the mix?

While she agonises there are real world issues to deal with, like an old house slowly falling down around her ears. Enter Alexander, the handsome twenty-two-year-old musician/contractor who comes to repair her house. But can he repair her heart as well? Or is she so locked in her old relationship pattern that it will never let her go?

What readers are saying: (Some of these are actually from people I don’t know!)

  • What a page turner, I couldn’t put it down! And what an ending – am desperate for the sequel!
  • Loved this book, couldn’t put the kindle down and resented having to go back to work as it prevented me from finishing the book as fast as I wanted.
  • I’m completely sold on Langeland, now want to visit, and I could wander around Anne’s Edenic garden in both winter snow and summer sunshine for a v long time.
  • It is a hopeful story that kept me turning the pages long into the night and, for that alone, it is unique and well worth reading.
  • My life is pretty chaotic but with reading this, I felt everything slow down and it was amazing.

It’s only $2.99. Like a tall latte. Aren’t you in the mood for a little chocolate…

Just click here and it can be yours. 

Too big a commitment? Then you can dive into Anne’s world on Pinterest. Maybe that blue Great Dane puppy will win you over …

Chocolates in the Ocean