I first started writing this book when I was stranded in Billund airport (that’s the one with the original Legoland) on my way to Paris in June 2010. Many many deleted drafts and torn out pages later, my son gave me the title and everything clicked into place in a traffic jam on the way to Langeland. It wasn’t anything like my original idea – it was its prequel.


Chocolates in the Ocean

When Anne learns that her on-again off-again boyfriend of the last thirteen years is moving back to her neighbourhood to get married, it seems like the perfect time to start a new life. Leaving her apartment and old life in Copenhagen far behind, she determines to put down roots on the small Danish island she loved as a child. With no plans for the future except to renovate her house and enjoy her tranquil new surroundings, Anne prepares to settle down to her new life. But when she learns that her last night with her boyfriend had unforeseen consequences, just walking away suddenly doesn’t seem so easy.

While Anne struggles with decisions that will impact the rest of her life, unexpected solace arrives in the shape of the handsome young musician who comes to help her renovate her house. As their friendship blossoms into more tender feelings, can he make her believe in new beginnings? Or will old loves not let go that easily?

What readers are saying: (Some of these are actually from people I don’t know!)

  • What a page turner, I couldn’t put it down! And what an ending – am desperate for the sequel!
  • Loved this book, couldn’t put the kindle down and resented having to go back to work as it prevented me from finishing the book as fast as I wanted.
  • I’m completely sold on Langeland, now want to visit, and I could wander around Anne’s Edenic garden in both winter snow and summer sunshine for a v long time.
  • It is a hopeful story that kept me turning the pages long into the night and, for that alone, it is unique and well worth reading.
  • My life is pretty chaotic but with reading this, I felt everything slow down and it was amazing.

It’s only $2.99. Like a tall latte. Aren’t you in the mood for a little chocolate…

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