The Perils of Writing What You Know

Lots of writers out there will tell you to 'write what you know.' It's good advice. Drawing on your own experience can lend a depth and a meaning to your writing it might not otherwise have had. To quote Zora Neale Hurston, 'You got tuh go there tuh know there.' Others will tell you to … Continue reading The Perils of Writing What You Know

Write Yourself Another Life

After I freaked about all the social media platforms you're meant to be on as a writer, I took the plunge and went back on Twitter. I have to say I'm enjoying it and it's not giving me headaches at all. This morning Mindfuel¬†Thinking responded to a comment I made on one of their posts. … Continue reading Write Yourself Another Life

Epic Cupcake Fail

There are mornings when you don't want to wake up. When the dream is so perfect it grabs hold of you and you never want to let it go. Long after you're awake, the memory of it returns to light your face with a quiet smile. You feel again the sensations, the emotions that haunted … Continue reading Epic Cupcake Fail

My Lego Yoda Life Lesson

Today is my mother's birthday so my kitchen table is now awash with meringues. That's definitely a recipe I promise to share soon. I was whisking egg whites and looking out into the garden where not a trace of yesterday's snow now remains. I wish the weather would make up its mind. It got me … Continue reading My Lego Yoda Life Lesson

Back to Life, Back to Online

Feels like an eon since I was last able to sit in front of my Mac, tea at my side, and tap tap tap away at the keys. First there was a move. Move = stress. Then there was the being-dumb-enough-to-fall-for-the-slick-salesman-and-all-his-promises-about-cheap-but-brilliant-internet. Then there was the wait for a real internet connection. And then the cold, … Continue reading Back to Life, Back to Online

One Day vs. Today

A few days ago I had an urge to do something I have not done for years. I wanted to curl up with one particular book, listening to one particular type of music. Forget about bills, work, ironing ... all the grown-up stuff. The catalyst was a very old friend who reminded me¬†some of the … Continue reading One Day vs. Today

To Face Unafraid …

It's Christmas and that means Christmas songs. I was listening to an old favourite today. Just think about these lyrics for a moment: Later on we'll conspire As we dream by the fire To face unafraid The plans that we made Walking in a winter wonderland... It's so easy to make plans when you're happy, … Continue reading To Face Unafraid …