Life Lesson From My Neighbour’s Dog

I’m so jealous of one of my neighbours. Not because they had the money to buy and I have to rent, not because they have a garden and I have a balcony, or because they have a bigger apartment than me. No. Because they have a dog. The most adorable black Labrador who was eight… Read More

Life Lessons From Books – Part One

I’m re-reading my favourite Terry Pratchett, Night Watch. Fortunately I’ve been working from home today so I could sneak in a few reading breaks. It got me thinking about my favourite books, and why they’re my favourites. It’s not just for the great story, the entertaining read, the chance to disappear into another world. It’s… Read More

In the Eye of a Hurricane

There are days you want to press between the pages of your life and preserve like wild flowers. There are days that change your life forever, shape the person you will be from every other day forward. There are days you wish would never end. Then there are days you want to watch burn down… Read More

On the Importance of Spoons

I was in a meeting today, one of those long affairs where freshments get brought in. I was sitting at the far end of the room, really hoping for a trolley with pastries and coffee to arrive. Even the odd piece of fruit would have been okay. The moment came … The door opened …… Read More

Writing By Hand

There’s something magical about writing by hand. The gentle slope of your writing as the words form beneath your hand, the indelible mark of your thoughts on the page. A screen cannot equal that. You cannot crumple the screen up in frustration and hurl it across the room, you cannot tear it up in impotent… Read More

Return of the Nerd Girl Part II

I’ve been working on this post in my head for a few days and I’ve mentally deleted every draft. Because I cannot seem to capture the utter ecstasy of feeling like myself again. This time in a way that does not fade after a few hours of boundless dreams and passionate engagement, but the deep-down… Read More

Rounding Off Another Year

A few years ago, I stayed up late the night before my birthday and I made two lists. One for everything I felt I had achieved in the year that had just passed, and one for all the things I wanted to achieve during the coming year. Every year since then, I steal a few… Read More

Back to Life, Back to Online

Feels like an eon since I was last able to sit in front of my Mac, tea at my side, and tap tap tap away at the keys. First there was a move. Move = stress. Then there was the being-dumb-enough-to-fall-for-the-slick-salesman-and-all-his-promises-about-cheap-but-brilliant-internet. Then there was the wait for a real internet connection. And then the cold,… Read More

Back to Life, Back to Reality

A few nights ago I found one of my old diaries from that brief period in my life when I would confide my innermost thoughts to a notebook every day. I noticed that during periods away from the daily routine, I had a tendency to make plans, dream dreams and vow that things would be… Read More