Who Am I

Well let’s see … (Feels like trying to write an online dating profile. Been there, done that, not for me.)

I’m a writer. I found that out when I was about ten.

That’s the same age my son is now.

He wants to be a writer, a You-Tuber, a corporate billionaire, a politician, an actor …

It’s just him and me.

I have a job I am crazy about and am back home in Copenhagen (if you had been around me for the last many many many years, you’d know this is BIG news).

Two years ago my parents gave me a Kitchen Aid for Christmas because I adore baking.

What I adore more is my summerhouse on Langeland. (That’s also in Denmark). There’s a reason I set my novel there. It’s actually the island my mother’s family comes from and most tranquil place I know.

My father’s family is half-English half-Irish.

Personally I’m a complete Francophile. I speak French, I have a Ph.D. in French history and my amazing job is with a French company. Blame Les Mis on Broadway for all of that.

Obviously books are an enormous part of my life.

I think that covers the basics.

Welcome inside.





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